Study Waikato Student Award Scholarships for 2017

Nominations are invited for the Study Waikato Student Award Scholarships.
The scholarships, to the combined value of $5000 and to a maximum value of $2000 per scholarship, are available to students who are continuing their study in 2018 in a Study Waikato member institution.

All applications are considered on merit within the criteria in the application form and the amount of each scholarship will be determined by the selection committee.



  • Completed forms with all supporting documentation must be received by  4.00pm Friday 22 September 2017.
  • Post applications to:

Catherine Downes

Associate Director Future Students The University of Waikato

Private Bag 3105

Hamilton 3240 New Zealand



Check on the Study Waikato members page whether your school is a member of Study Waikato



Applicants must:

1. Be a current international student with a valid Student Permit.

2. Be currently enrolled in a member Study Waikato institution.

3. Be an intermediate/middle school student moving to secondary school, a Year 12 student moving to Year 13, or a Year 13 student moving to a tertiary institution, who has been enrolled in and successfully completed at least one year at a Study Waikato member institution.

4. Be eligible to enroll full time in a mainstream course or year long programme commencing Semester One/Term 1, 2018 at a Study Waikato member secondary school, or tertiary institution.

5. Have demonstrated a high level of academic commitment.

6. Have an attendance record of over 85%.

7. Have displayed a commitment an involvement in local school and/or community affairs at a high level e.g. membership in sports teams, school committees, community activities, volunteer for school community activities.

Nomination process

Complete an application that must contain:

1. Study Waikato application form including:

  • Application, supported by current school.
  • Details of their current contribution to their school and/or community.
  • A supporting statement signed by International Dean/Director, recognised community leader or religious leader which confirms their special aptitude.

2. Other supporting documents as requested by Study Waikato.

3. An interview may be called for.


1. The scholarships shall be known as the Study Waikato Student Award Scholarship.

2. The scholarship applies only to tuition costs and cannot be used for travel, accommodation or course related costs.

3. The scholarship will be credited directly to the educational institution nominated by the student.

4. The offer of the scholarship is subject to the candidate fulfilling entry criteria and all requirements of the programme selected for the following year, and enrolling in a full-time course or programme.

5. The closing date is   4.00pm Friday 22 September 2017 All applications must be submitted to  Catherine Downes. Associate Director Future Students The University of Waikato. Private Bag 3105. Hamilton 3240 New Zealand. The application will then be forwarded to the selection panel.

6. The selection panel for the scholarship funded by Study Waikato shall be formed by the Executive and include at least one external person.

7. The scholarship does not exclude other such awards, bursary, prize or grant, unless conditions of the other funding preclude this.

8. The selection panel may choose not to make an award should they determine no candidate has sufficient merit.

9. In exceptional circumstances, the scholarship funding may be shared.

10. The offer of the scholarship must be accepted by the date indicated in the letter of offer. Should the scholarship be declined, or not taken up, the scholarship may be offered to another person.

11. If the scholarship holder does not complete the first term (Secondary school) or first semester (Tertiary) the selection panel may require a refund, part or all, of the scholarship monies. Consideration will be given to exceptional circumstances.

12. Acceptance of the scholarship signifies agreement to participate in publicity concerning the scholarship as arranged by Study Waikato.

13. The decision of the scholarship selection panel will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

14. Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications by the end of October. The successful student will receive a formal offer of the scholarship, subject to the student meeting the entry requirements of the programme.

15. Scholarships will be used towards one course of study in the following year.

16. Any shortfall in tuition fees must be paid by the student.

17. Award of a scholarship does not guarantee entry to any 2018 study programme and the recipient of the award must complete the normal enrolment process of the institution involved.

18. These regulations may be varied, from time to time, by Study Waikato.

19. For queries, please email Catherine Downes;