2017 Scholarship winners

We are very pleased to announce the winners of a scholarship towards next year's study fees.


They are:

1. Mint ( Nattatida) Alongkorntaksin currently in Year 13 at Sacred heart Girls' College, Hamilton. Mint is aiming to go to the University of Waikato next year to study Psychology.

2. Jinru Zhao who is currently in Year 13 at Waikato Diocesan School for Girls. Jinru intends to take a degree in Teaching at Waikato University.
" This is the first time ever I received a scholarship and it is my great honour to be chosen as one of the winners of Waikato Education International scholarship for 2017. I am happy that my efforts was approved. The award will be used as my tuition fees in the University next year. This scholarship not only encourages me to explore the new environment in university bravely as an international student, but also makes Hamilton a special place to myself. Again, lots of thanks for the supports from Waikato Education International."

 Sophia (Jinru) Zhao

3. Cynthia Chen who is a Year 12 student at Cambridge High School. She is planning to stay on at school and complete Year 13.
" I have been encouraged to apply for a WIE scholarship because of my academic achievements, my dedication to my studies and my desire to achieve high standards. I am committed to completing my secondary education at Cambridge High School.  I enjoy CHS and it would be an acknowledgement of my hard work and dedication.
I have been studying in New Zealand for nearly three years. I attended Cambridge Middle School as a Year 8 in 2015. I was then accepted to Cambridge High School as a Year 10 as my English and comprehension had improved. I am currently a Year 11 at  CHS.
I have gained so much  socially and academically from attending CHS, I will continue to contribute to CHS community and feel that I can be a good example of dedication to my work.
My academic achievements are: 5 Dean's awards. During last year achieved First in Class Year 10 Mathematics, First in Class Year 10 Science, First overall in Form Class, Year 10 Gold Graduation Certificate, Diligence Year 10 English, Diligence Year 10 Food Technology and Outstanding Social Scientist.
I am an International Ambassador and a librarian at school. I played badminton after school on Thursdays last year. I had flute lessons at school for a year. I was involved in the Year 10 Drama Ensemble and Battle of WAIPA last year.
I have a good relationship with my agent. I share my experiences with students and my parents from China and talk to groups of people who are interested in studying in New Zealand over Skype.
I am wanting to achieve excellence endorsement and try my best in studying  for the remainder of my secondary schooling. After graduating form CHS I plan to attend a New Zealand university."

Congratulations to this year's winners and the very best for your studies next year.