St. Paul's Collegiate School

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St Paul's Collegiate School is an independent school committed to providing education of the highest quality. It is from our underlying commitment to this goal that we will achieve our other goals, which include the full development of our students. We are dedicated to encouraging our students as individuals to strive to reach their potential, prepare for the challenges of life and play a constructive part in the world at large.

We Offer

- Independent Anglican Boarding School
- Christianity plays a role in life at St Paul's. However, other denominations and religions are welcome.
- Boys from Year 9-13 (aged 13-18) Girls from Year 12-13 (aged 17-18)
- Small number of International students at all levels either as boarders or day students living in homestay accomodation
- All lessons are in English. ESOL classes offered in support of those who need it.
- Small class sizes, dedicated and committed teachers.
- Excellent pass rate in all external examinations. Timetable is well-organised yet flexible enough to cater for students academic needs.
- Extensive sporting programme offered.
- We are proud of our Music school which many students enjoy.
- Tihoi Venture School is unique to New Zealand. Year 10 boys live at Tihoi for half the academic year.

General Areas of Study

St Paul's operates on the philosophy that students should follow a balanced, general education at least until Year 11. We also believe that students should place an emphasis on both specific career pathways and obtaining a strong educational base. In Years 12 and 13, students have the opportunity to continue a broad and balanced education or to follow increasingly specialised courses if they have planned specific career paths.
Year 11: courses lead to NCEA Level One. It is the policy at St Paul's that all students must study SIX subjects in Year 11 and students are expected to take a course which enables them to maintain a broad and balanced general education at this level.
Year 12: As a guide, a minimum of eighty credits in NCEA Level One, with at least eight in Mathematics and eight in English will qualify for entry in Year 12.
Year 13: Students usually take a specialised course of study at this level, to give them the best chance of gaining entry to their choice of University or Polytechnic.

Fee Examples

The basic annual tuition fee is NZ$31,700.00 for International Students. There are other costs involved such as insurance, boarding or homestay fees, school uniforms, camp costs, stationery and personal spending. Further details are included on the school's web page or click here

Care support for international students

The Director of International Students is available for enquiries, advice and support and parents and students are welcome to make enquiries at any time. The Housemasters of each of the boarding houses and day houses are also available for assistance and contact is always welcome.

Accommodation options

Some of our International students live in one of our four boarding houses but others live in homestay accommodation with a New Zealand family, usually close to the school. Homestay accommodation for boarders during leave weekends and holidays can also be arranged.

Contact Person

Helen Richardson

Director of International Students


Web Address


P B 3069
Hamilton, New Zealand


+64 7 957 8843


+64 7 957 8833