FAQ for International Students Studying and Learning in NZ

Why are we called Study Waikato?
All the members of Study Waikato are located in the Waikato region which is an area of New Zealand including Hamilton city, towns like Cambridge and a large area of countryside.

Where is the Waikato?
The Waikato is near to Auckland International airport. To drive from Hamilton to Auckland takes one and a half hours.

How will I get to Hamilton?
Most members of Study Waikato will arrange to meet you at Auckland International airport and bring you to Hamilton or their home town as appropriate.

What are Hamilton city and the Waikato like?
If you take a look at the following Hamilton City council web sites you can find out about living in Hamilton and about all the exciting things you can do while studying here.

Who will help me when I first arrive in Hamilton and begin my study?
All Study Waikato members have staff that will help students both with studying and living in Hamilton.

What do I need to do if I choose to study in New Zealand?
Contact one of the members listed on the contacts page and they will explain how you apply for a student visa. Further information is available on the New Zealand immigration department web site;

Will qualifications from New Zealand be recognised in other countries?
New Zealand has a high standard of education in all sectors. A government department, the New Zealand Qualification authority is responsible for checking standards in most sectors. Local New Zealand graduates easily find very good jobs overseas and tens of thousands travel overseas each year to work.

Can I work while studying in New Zealand?
Many international students who have a student visa are able to work up to 20 hours per week. Details can be found in the New Zealand Immigration department web site;

How can I find out about any rights as an international student living in New Zealand?