International Students Accommodation Guide Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand

There are a number of options for accommodation to suit all international students.  Individual schools and learning institutions can assist you to find the accommodation that you desire.


Individual institutions normally have a supply of people offering homestay.  Homestays for individuals under the age of 18 are are police vetted. Homestay is where a student lives in the home of an approved provider, and receives all of the home comforts of a fully furnished bedroom, 3 meals per day, laundry service, transport arranged and so on.

  • The price of this service is around NZ$220 – NZ$259 per week depending on the institution and services offered.
Student Hostels / Halls of residence

Tertiary institutions have some hostel accommodation where the student can stay during term time.  This is most often located very near to the learning institution. Generally meals are provided.  Students will need to undertake their own laundry requirements and attend to their own transport arrangements.

  • The cost of tertiary hostel accommodation in the Waikato is from around NZ$6080 per year.

There is also independent hostel accommodation available e.g. Brookfield Accommodation,  which costs approximately NZ$100 per week.


This is an independent form of accommodation available to international students 18 years or over, where the student chooses their own flatmates.  Flatting can be the most economic form of accommodation, especially in Hamilton where rents are relatively low compared with other cities. Students need to be responsible for everything to do with their everyday lives when they go flatting.  They may need to purchase furniture, they will need to do their own grocery shopping, cooking and laundry and pay all bills including telephone, electricity and gas.

School Boarding

Some secondary schools and one primary school in the Hamilton/ Waikato region offer boarding for students where they can be looked after on the school property during term time.  The fee for this is included with school fees.  All of the students needs are catered for within this fee.