Study Waikato international market and promotion in China, April 2019

The purpose of the trip was to increase New Zealand’s and Waikato Region’s profiles and awareness in the international market — China. This was the first time for schools and institutions from the Waikato Region to undertake international marketing activities in China to build up a relationship with EIC (the largest well – known agent in China).  Four institutions (Wintec, Cambridge High, Thames High and Evakona Education) from the Waikato Region participated in the activities.  The EIC relationship was introduced by Shirley Huang (President of Study Waikato) which resulted in a positive outcome during the trip as we have seen from the Directors, Managers and consultants from EIC  as they demonstrated their professionalism, knowledge, passion and enthusiasm to organize the events/interview sessions in the five cities.

The trip covered 5 cities which included Beijing, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Shenzhen; tier one to tier two cities. Beijing, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are top feeder traditional markets for New Zealand in terms of geographical perspective. Wuhan shows big potential due to the size of the city (one of the largest cities in China) and economic growth. The format of the events consisted of presentations from the Waikato region, individual schools and institutions, followed by interview sessions (one on one student interviews) and consultants on the spot training.

The trip in China went very well. EIC demonstrated excellent organization in all aspects such as providing decoration with a NZ theme. Due to the nature of the Asian culture and local customs, building a positive relationship face to face with EIC is extremely important; talking with each other and attending events in order to build up trust and connection. The trip to China has built up an excellent relationship, networks and a solid foundation for the Waikato region in the international market.

We also would like to express our huge THANKS to ENZ Beijing office Jane Liu (Business Development Manager) and Guangzhou office Felix Ye (Senior Business Development Manager), who has provided us with great support and have done a brilliant job in marketing and promoting New Zealand . Their high work ethic, good knowledge of New Zealand and rich experience in the education field are highly appreciated.

The members – Taddy, James, Craig and Frank – present at the Study Waikato Meeting held at Cambridge High School on May 8th 2019 would like to acknowledge the professional job Shirley Huang did of making Study Waikato’s China Marketing Trip, attended by members from Cambridge High School, Thames High School, Evakona Education and Wintec in April this year, a resounding success. Shirley’s organisation of; EIC Agency visits, marketing promotion and materials, transport and accommodation bookings was exemplary. Her local contacts and knowledge alleviated initial ‘getting to know each other’ barriers, and allowed the traveling members to successfully showcase our region as a quality education destination to the EIC agency which is the largest provider of overseas educational counseling services in China, with a market share of 16% of the overseas educational counseling market. It is also acknowledged that she used much of her own time to pre-organise and to participate in the trip and make it happen. Study Waikato (all members)  sincerely thank her for making this opportunity happen and a success. In the future, we look forward to hosting representatives from EIC when they come to the Waikato region and returning the hospitality that they showed us.