Where is Waikato Region ?

One of the richest agricultural and pastoral areas of the world, Waikato is home to New Zealand’s famous dairy and thoroughbred horse racing industries and base for many agri-businesses and research institutes.

Our region’s boundaries. The Waikato is the fourth largest region in New Zealand, covering 25,000 square kilometres.



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What is Study Waikato?

Study Waikato is a regional organisation established to support all people and institutions in the Waikato region involved with International education. It includes cities like Hamilton, Cambridge, Taupo and Thames.

Waikato is a region of New Zealand with a population of 381,000 people. Its main centre is the City of Hamilton, which has the mighty Waikato River running through it. Waikato people are known for being very open, friendly and the region is very multicultural.

We are proud to say that New Zealand offers a world-class education in a safe and welcoming environment. It is also a creative learning environment. While you are here, you will have the chance to experience our wonderful landscape and great lifestyle. I encourage you to enjoy our great outdoors as much as you can and the attractions that Waikato offers: the beautiful Hamilton Garden and lake; if you are a fan of the Lord of The Rings movies, then a trip to Hobbiton is a must; Lake Taupo is just a short trip down the road; the Raglan beach is never far away.

The Waikato region is a popular destination for international students. There are more than 3000 international students studying at Primary, intermediate, high schools, tertiary institutes and private institutions in the Waikato region. These students come from all around the world. International students are an important part of our education system and community.

The students bring a vibrancy and diversity to our community which we love sharing in. We are all very passionate about our region and what we could offer to our students and to the world. It is wonderful for New Zealand to be part of an education partnership which will touch so many lives – both yours and the people you meet.

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School Information

NZ Education, Ministry of Education and NZ law, requires enrolement of international Junior School students into NZ, a parent or legal guardian must also accompany the student within NZ

Study Waikato Junior School Education site list LINK

NZ provides schooling for Junior through to year 8, called ” full primary school ” or separate year 7 to 8 schools called ” intermediate school “.

Study Waikato Year 7 to 8 Education site list LINK

NZ have + 300 accessible College / High Schools who host international students.

These schools are well resourced for international student education especially those seeking to pathway to higher tertiary learning or university.

Study Waikato Year 9 to 13 Education site list LINK

The Waikato Region has an abundance of high quality / accredited language learning schools and academies.

Study Waikato Language Education site list LINK

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New Zealand is world famous for its beautiful environment and attracts thousands of international students from many different countries each year who study abroad in our excellent educational environment.

The Waikato region is the heart of New Zealand’s North Island, and right next door to some of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Contact us to find out how you can study in New Zealand.

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